Dignity Camp for homeless women

SHARE THE DIGNITY: Jodie Genner and Maria Harder from ‘The Pearls’.
SHARE THE DIGNITY: Jodie Genner and Maria Harder from ‘The Pearls’.


THE women of the Myall Community continue to do amazing works for charity, giving so much and expecting nothing in return.

Kate Washington
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Throughout the month of April, Tea Gardens mum of two, Jodie Genner, became a human collection and distribution point for the ‘Share The Dignity’ organisation, with  the community asked to donate sanitary items for homeless women.

“I collected 212 items,” Jodie told News Of The Area.

Jodie’s office at Century 21 in Tea Gardens was just one of five drop off points.

“I would drive from Tea Gardens to Raymond Terrace every Monday and collect from Blooms Chemist, JobLink Plus, Essential Mind, Body and Soul and Rachel Mulley’s Chemmart Pharmacy.

During one such pick up, life was stranger than fiction when Jodie piled dozens and dozens of donated sanitary items into a shopping trolley to make her way through the Raymond Terrace Mall.

“I wondered why people were giving me funny looks,” Jodie laughed.

‘’I delivered all 212 items to the Salvation Army in Raymond Terrace and they will be given to women in need within our local and surrounding areas.’’

Local group ‘The Pearl’s’ also donated money to the campaign.

“The Pearls is a very small group of like-minded women who meet for lunch once a month,” Maria Harder told News Of The Area.

“The money we raise we proudly gift back to small local groups,” Maria said.

The Pearls group was behind the fundraiser ‘Buy my Wardrobe’ held at the Tea Gardens Hotel during the Myall River Classic last year.

They raised $1,400.

This time ‘The Pearls’ donated $400 to ‘Share the Dignity’ to help roll out sanitary vending machines across Australia for homeless women.

As of late last week, the total number of sanitary items raised by ‘Share the Dignity’ across Australia was a staggering 140,843 and counting.

The campaign will run again in August.




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