Family Fisherman Moves to Salt Ash

John Wisby and his Truck at Paul’s Corner.
John Wisby and his Truck at Paul’s Corner.

Coming from four generations of fishermen, John Wisby has relocated the family business to his portable truck in Salt Ash.

Originally from Tasmania, John moved here to be closer to his family and try his luck in the Prawn industry.

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Running the two biggest fish factories in Tasmania for over 20 years, prawns and oysters were a welcome change from the lobsters and scallops that are common in the South.

The weather here is a lot more welcoming to prawns, as is the high demand.

John told News Of The Area, “It’s been very beneficial for me to continue the business in NSW and I really like the warm weather compared to the freezing cold in Tasmania.”

John has been working out of his truck at Paul’s Corner, near the BP at Salt Ash for two-and-a-half years now, and is preparing for the extremely high demand that will come with his third Christmas here.

He works every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and every second Sunday.

John’s brother, father, grandfather, great grandfather and now nephews have all been professional fishermen, with his brother also pursuing professional fishing in Port Stephens.

John sources only Australian prawns, sourced locally from Wickham, and oysters from leases in the Port Stephens area.

“Over the last two-and-a-half years, I’ve had no issues with the locals, as they always make me feel very welcome,” he said.

“It’s nice to have regular customers and ‘tradies’ that buy off me a few times a week, always with a laugh and a joke.”


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