FXBC welcomes plastic tops and tags for repurposing projects

FXBC Mid North Coast Principal Gary Evans promoting bottle tops being welcome at the store for recycling.

MILK bottle tops and bread tags are welcome back at FXBC Mid North Coast for repurposing.

“With a growing concern for the environment and the pressing need to reduce waste, we have taken proactive steps to address this issue head-on by once again accepting milk bottle tops and bread tags for repurposing,” Melissa Crossland, Marketing Manager at FXBC Mid North Coast told News Of The Area.

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“This campaign not only diverts waste from landfill but also gives these items a new lease on life, repurposing them into meaningful and useful items.

“We encourage anyone interested in contributing to collect bread tags and milk bottle tops and drop them off at the Coffs Harbour site, located at 1/26B Isles Drive,” said Melissa.

The bread tags will be used to raise funds for the Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs program.

This program provides wheelchairs for disadvantaged individuals, and it takes approximately 250kgs of bread tags to make one standard wheelchair.

Bread tags are collected in Coffs Harbour and are then delivered to Sydney by Faircloth & Reynolds, where the Aussie Wheelchair organisation’s partners transport them to Adelaide for processing.

FXBC Mid North Coast hopes to make a difference by contributing to this worthy cause.

Dealer Principal Gary Evans told NOTA, “We are proud to divert these bread tags from landfill to be repurposed and the efforts of all collectors and sorters are appreciated.”

In addition to bread tags, FXBC Mid North Coast is also collecting milk bottle tops for repurposing.

The milk bottle tops will be put through a Shrudder device to initially make pet bowls based on the premise that if it gets chewed up or broken then it can be sent back and replaced.

There are also many other projects in the works to transform this plastic into other practical resources.

The man behind the milk bottle repurposing project, Craig Ashdown said, “This is to demonstrate that a closed loop cycle with clients is possible, and we can remove plastics from waste in this way by building a long-term relationship with people who are willing to be active in valuing plastic as a forever material.”

“FXBC Mid North Coast has a strong focus on sustainability, so we are proud to be a collection centre for these materials,” Gary said.

For more on FXBC go to www.fxbc.com.au.

For more on Aussie Bread Tags see www.ozbreadtagsforwheelchairs.org.au.


The FXBC team onsite at their Isles Drive headquarters with the latest collection of bottle tops ready to be sent off to be ‘Shrudded’.

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