Glenreagh Bridge To Be Revealed In November

Workers inspect the underside of the bridge (Transport for NSW)

AFTER a year under wraps, Glenreagh residents will soon be able to see the results of a $2.2 million project that’s been ongoing in the village since November 2021.

Transport for NSW North Region Director, Anna Zycki, likens it to a reality TV show, after the local icon has been wrapped in plastic and completely hidden from public view for months.

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“We’ve just about completed work on repainting and other maintenance of the Glenreagh Bridge and will soon be ripping off the plastic, like unwrapping a massive birthday present, to show the community the result,” said Ms Zycki.

“This bridge is 104 years old and needed some tender loving care so it can serve the community for, we hope, another 104 years.”

She said the bridge had been painted with lead-based paint which provided good protection for the metal of the bridge but, as is now understood, is toxic.

To remove this paint safely and without polluting the neighbouring environment, the structure needed to be wrapped in plastic with all the material removed, captured and taken from the site in something similar to a giant vacuum cleaner.

“From there it was taken to a registered facility for safe disposal.”

She said other work was carried out on the bridge while the team was on-site.

Most of the steel was in good condition but some repairs to the lattice on the trusses and maintenance on other steel components have been carried out.

Work to repair some damaged concrete was also carried out and new guard rails have been installed on the approaches on either side.

“This project will keep this important piece of local infrastructure in good condition for many years to come,” Ms Zycki said.

“Work is expected to be complete, with the site compound cleaned up, by November 2022.”

By Andrew VIVIAN

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