Glenreagh hosts biggest ever dog agility and jumping event on the North Coast

Sue Hannah, President of the Glenreagh Dog Sports Club with Jaxon.

THE biggest ever dog agility and jumping event on the North Coast of NSW was hosted recently by the Glenreagh Dog Sports Club at the Glenreagh Recreation Ground.

2,000 entries kept six judges busy – two from New Zealand, two from Western Australia, one from Wollongong and one from Port Macquarie.

“They like coming back for a bit of a holiday but have to work really hard as they have to devise the course for Novice, Excellent and Masters and stand in the weather all day long!” Sue Hannah, President of the Glenreagh Dog Sports Club told NOTA.

“People love coming to Glenreagh as it has a lovely atmosphere and we have dinners around the campfire.

“Not all clubs can offer that.”

After a full day of competing, many dog owners prefer camping on-site to staying elsewhere.

“We provide a great atmosphere and sense of community,” said Sue.

“Everybody digs in and lends a hand.”

As national competition awaits in July, this three-day trial gives handlers an important opportunity to prepare.

The recent Glenreagh event was only the local club’s second time hosting a trial, with the club having started in March 2023.

The Coffs Harbour and Wollongong clubs also run trials on-site.

“It was suggested to me that we start up a club as we live five minutes away from the Recreation Ground, and before this, I was President of the Coffs Harbour Dog Club, having instructed in Coffs,” said Sue.

“My husband Murray and I got a few people together and we bought enough equipment to do a ring and it got off the ground.”

They now have over 100 members and run weekly classes.

Sue credits her husband for all the heavy lifting.

“He’s been up there all weekend – scribing and taking scores to the judges,” she said.

“My dog is Jaxon, a five year old Border Collie which people label as a tornado as he likes to make up his own course, especially if I’m slow,” said Sue.

However, Sue was delighted as Jaxon topped off the weekend by coming first in Strategic Pairs, where two dogs run together.

“He got first prize in half the course time!”


The event enjoyed perfect weather, with hundreds camping overnight.

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