Group 2 Referees Association puts the call out for referees

Group 2 Referees Association are looking for people to become referees.

HAVE you ever thought about refereeing?

With the latest Group 2 Rugby League season recently kicking off, that’s the question the Group 2 Referees Association are asking as they look for more people to officiate games.

More rugby league referees are needed this season to make sure the numerous games in each competition can go ahead.

Group 2 Referees Association’s Blake Smoothy said there were ideal candidates in the local rugby league community who would make good referees.

“There are ex-players out there who would make really good referees,” he said.

“They understand the game, and as an ex-player myself, I just really love the game, and when you take yourself out of the team or club aspect and take control of the game by officiating, I find it’s rewarding.

“Ex-players who referee are using a skill-set they otherwise wouldn’t use, as they have a good footy brain and know the rules which helps them with the responsibility of controlling the game.”

Smoothy also encouraged others in the rugby league community to give refereeing a try.

“People like parents who have kids who play, there is a pathway for people to step up and have a go,” he said.

“People who have been around the game and enjoy the game, if coaching or being a committee person is not for you, refereeing is another way of giving back to the game.”

The Group 2 referee highlighted the benefits of officiating rugby league.

“It’s massive self-satisfaction giving back to rugby league, and being an integral part of the game,” he said.

“It helps develop your communication skills and how you work with others, and there are a lot of problem-solving skills as well.

“You make connections from across all clubs and meet a lot of different people.

“It keeps you fit, and if you can do two or three games, you can walk away with $300 for the day.”

Anyone interested in giving refereeing a try can contact the Group 2 Referees Association by visiting their Facebook page, or by email at


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