Heart of the Haven: Melinda Robinson

Melinda Robinson.

WELCOME to ‘Hearts of the Haven’, a regular News Of The Area feature highlighting the incredible people that make Camden Haven so special.

Hearts of the Haven is a celebration of those who support our region, one person at a time.

OUR first Heart of the Haven is Melinda Robinson, a true local who grew up in Wauchope and currently resides in Bonny Hills with her husband Steve and their twin daughters.

Mel has always loved community.

At the age of sixteen she was crowned Lasiandra Princess by the Rotary Club in Wauchope.

Next time you drive into Wauchope, take note of the trees lining each side of the road.

They were planted with funds Mel raised as a Year 10 student, earning her the Lasiandra Princess title.

Like so many young people, the Robinsons travelled the world, working their way around the globe for ten years, experiencing culture and adventures that only life on the road with a backpack and a tent can bring.

Mel and Steve spent three years volunteering for a UK charity in Uganda during their time abroad.

Together they rebuilt schools and ran two preschools for orphans plus an education centre.

Steve managed builders and taught the locals basic skills, whilst Mel ran the preschool and education centre.

“We extended our time abroad because we wanted to leave a legacy,” Mel said.

“We wanted to upskill them enough so they could run the charity with confidence without needing any more help.

“Being able to support one another is where our passion is, not for self-gain but for the greater good.”

Today, the Robinson family are heavily involved as volunteers at the Wauchope-Bonny Hills Surf Life Saving Club.

Mel has been an age manager for the past six years and is the brains trust of the annual Christmas Carols held in Bonny Hills each year.

If Mel had one wish for the Camden Haven community, what would it be?

“Coming together and supporting one another at events and local business.

“Big players in business will always prosper.

“You need to remember and support your small local businesses,” said Mel.

Mel and Steve Robinson at work. Photo: Lindsay Moller.

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