Hunter Leonard launches business book on reaching new heights

Local author Hunter Leonard launches his latest book on business.

HUNTER Leonard, a best-selling author of several books on marketing and business ownership, hosted the launch of his tenth book in Coffs Harbour on Tuesday 20 June.

Acknowledging we are living in tough times, the content focuses on setting big goals; giving tips and tools for business owners and managers to build their success.

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In the book, the author introduces us to ‘Reggie’ the Red Giraffe – who shares tips on reaching new heights to get to your goals.

“Only 20 percent of business owners set long-term goals, and of those only 70 percent achieve them,” Hunter told News Of The Area.

In his advisory businesses, Hunter and his team have helped more than 500 clients achieve in excess of $2 billion in revenue growth.

“We’ve developed a number of successful tools to help business owners set and get their big long-term goals,” he added.

“I’ll share one I created for the book: Big, Little, Now.

“The Big refers to a detailed description of the goal to make it real and inspiring to you.

“The Little relates to the types of activities you need to do to reach the goal and breaking them down into manageable and measurable steps.

“The Now is what are you going to do this minute, hour, day to handle one part of one of the Little activities.”

The book launch in Coffs Harbour included around 30 guests from the local chamber of commerce, local business owners from the building industry, IT, cafes and carpentry companies.

“The businesses are of various sizes and turnover from $100,000 to $50,000,000.”

Hunter’s drive to write books is to help people.

“As a business author, books are not a way of making money, they are a way of sharing some tools and tips that we’ve found to be effective and that work in our own business.

“In this way, I can help more business owners – who I’m passionate about helping – even if they don’t do further business with our company.

“This book was written as we’d found in our own research that a lot of business owners get stuck in the day-to-day, and don’t know whether they are on track to reach their goals.

“Many haven’t written down their goal, so they’re not working towards anything bigger over the long term.”

The book contains a lot of tools, some of which will be familiar.

“It also contains unique models that I’ve developed in my own business, and also the results of surveying some 10,000 business owners over the last twenty years.”

That survey revealed eight types of challenges or problems that business owners face.

“We developed some simple tools in each of the Eight Rooms – strategy, marketing, sales, money, people, quality, customer service and adapting to change – to help business owners work more on the business instead of being stuck in it.”

Hunter and his wife are recent arrivals in Coffs Harbour.

“We moved to Coffs seeking a regional town with all the facilities and we chose Coffs for the bush, the beach and friends living here.

“Thus far, I’ve found the local business community to be exceptional – warm, inviting, generous and active.

“My wife Nicole and I want Coffs to be our forever home, and we’re loving it so far.

‘We’ve already met so many great people, we’re volunteering for Landcare, and recently at the Bellingen Readers & Writers Festival, and we’re keen to make a positive difference to the local community through our business and our volunteering.”

For more information visit or Hunter Leonard Red Giraffe e-books on AMAZON.


What can a Red Giraffe teach us about reaching BIG Goals, Hunter Leonard’s new business book.

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