Kalang River Dragon Boat Club donate to Marine Rescue

Marine Rescue Nambucca Unit Commander Gary Nichols, Kalang River Dragon Club President Wendy Martin and Marine Rescue crew member Liz Ellis.

EXPRESSING gratitude for an organisation that keeps the community safe on the region’s waterways, the Kalang River Dragon Boat Club has donated funds to Marine Rescue’s Nambucca Unit.

Secret Santa was sidelined in preference for a fundraising collection for the Unit at the paddlers’ Christmas party.

Marine Rescue Nambucca Unit Commander Gary Nichols was delighted to receive the generous donation of $382 from the dragon boat club’s President, Wendy Martin.

“Our members wanted to share the Christmas spirit and thank Marine Rescue Nambucca for keeping us and other water users safe,” Wendy told News Of The Area.

“The Marine Rescue volunteers give their valuable time not only at Christmas but throughout the year and we value their support.”

Marine Rescue NSW, an independent not-for-profit organisation, relies on the fundraising efforts of volunteers, sponsorship, grants and donations to support the service.

Some financial support is also provided by the NSW Government and the boating community.

From Christmas Eve through to the end of January, Marine Rescue Nambucca members will patrol the local waterways on rescue watercraft and swimming areas around the Nambucca River bar.

From the Unit’s base on the Nambucca River, members will attend callouts for vessels or persons in distress on the water and cover not only the Nambucca River and beaches down to Scotts Head, but also the Bellinger and Kalang Rivers at Urunga.

“It costs up to $200 per week in fuel alone for our rescue watercraft and our 6.8m rescue vessel, so this generous donation will certainly help with that expense,” said Mr Nichols.

“We are currently raising funds to replace our rescue watercraft which are reaching the end of their working life.

“It’s essential that we keep our equipment up-to-date and our members also train continuously in order to provide the most up-to-date rescue services.”

Marine Rescue Nambucca has been out and about promoting its safety message: if you are boating, make sure everyone on board is wearing life-jackets, check the weather and swell conditions before going out, don’t cross the bar on an ebb tide.

Boaters are recommended to log on to the Marine Rescue App so their safe return can be monitored.


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