Letter to the Editor: A project fraught with problems

DEAR News Of The Area,

HOW can the state government and our local state member say what is going to happen at the Jetty Foreshores, when the majority of the people of Coffs and the Coffs council does not want the proposed housing project at the foreshores.

Really, have they forgotten who elects and pays them to service us?

Now we are seeing an apparent threat from state government that the funding for the Jetty pier restoration needs to be considered in respect to the proposed foreshores accommodation plan. This appears to be quite a nasty statement designed to scare off further action against the government.

The council should be applauded for representing this back to the minister in the minute produced last week.

The whole proposal is fraught with problems, this is premium grade accommodation right on a

train line, parking space for hundreds of extra cars that have only two accesses over the rail tracks and the lower buildings on the west side of the rail tracks may have views blocked by the height of these proposed buildings.

Oh sorry, the buildings will be of an affordable cost according to the government, even if they are built with water views.

Another backflip by a government before being elected.

They tried this at the Illawarra lakes also, but have now caved in and dropped that one.

They need to do this here as well.

Possibly a good solution here is to relocate the road next to the train track giving extra area for
recreational parking and possibly some cafes for the people in recreation.

All this while the mess of ownership on the northern section of the foreshores and the homeless living there goes unaddressed.

North Boambee Valley.

3 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: A project fraught with problems

  1. The majority of the Coffs Harbour community showed their support for residential down at the Jetty Foreshores, both as a result of the 2018 GHD survey and again as a result of the Urban Ethos survey in 2021.
    Gurmesh Singh has been a vocal supporter of the Jetty Foreshores, whereas the Labor candidate, Tony Judge has been against the plan. Gurmesh was returned with largest increase in popularity throughout the whole of NSW, Tony Judge lost ground for the Labor Party. Since the election, the Labor Party has shown their support for the results of the surveys and for the revitalisation of the Jetty Foreshores.

  2. Thanks Rodger, it must get annoying having to educate those who couldn’t be bothered to do so themselves, or know the outcomes of prior community engagement and are just misleading others.

    1. I should, in all fairness, add that the greatest increase in popularity for Gurmesh was with the National Party. It may have also been across all parties across all of NSW, ut I am unaware that that is the case.

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