Letter to the Editor: Charge a levy on short term rental properties

DEAR News Of The Area,

THE viability of short term rental properties seriously depletes the availability of long term affordable rental houses and apartments suitable for city and regional workers!

It is time that the NSW Government takes a serious look at this problem.

In most European countries, including the UK, governments and local councils are already charging substantial levies on short term and AirBnB properties.

This levy must be sufficient to encourage property owners to either put these properties on the market, or make them available for desperate tenants!


This opens up thousands of houses and apartments for long term tenants.

Many smaller villages and towns in France and Spain have already had enormous backlash from permanent residents, who claim that the ambience of their communities has been spoiled by the regular influx of noisy, out of control, short term tenants in permanent party mood, who add nothing to the towns economy, whilst absentee owners take no responsibility for neighbours’ complaints.

In some areas of France, short term rentals are only allowed if owners live on site.

Coffs Harbour.

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