Letter to the Editor: Consider the facts before big Jetty decisions

DEAR News Of The Area,

I URGE you NOT to develop the Coffs Harbour Jetty Foreshores.

Please consider these facts:
1. Tourism here is dramatically expanding:
a. We are becoming an international destination.
b. We are conveniently situated approximately half-way between Sydney and Brisbane.
c. Our regional airport will soon be an international airport.
d. A world class film studio is planned with the backing of Russell Crowe.
e. There will be a super-fast train in the future.
2. The Jetty Foreshores is our most used and treasured green space:
a. It is our “Jewel in the Crown”.
b. For picnics and BBQs, and a playground for our kids
c. For exercise: walking, jogging, ball games, cycling, relaxing, reading and simply catching up with friends
d. For our favourite weekly local markets and special events
e. And there are cafes, restaurants and much more nearby.
3. The adjacent Jetty Beach is our safest beach:
a. for families to swim and play
b. for exercise – casual walks, lap swimming and the occasional competition swims
c. for surf craft, and even volleyball
4. Traffic congestion and parking is already problematic.
5. We need a more pedestrian friendly environment with sensible planning not increased development.
6. Coffs Harbour has ample vacant areas for residential and commercial development.
7. I believe the majority of voters would prefer to have a greater say in the decision-making.
8. Once development begins, we will have lost control and there will be no turning back.

Coffs Coast.

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