Letter to the Editor: One rule for Lake Illawarra but another for Coffs

DEAR News Of The Area,

ONE of the criticisms regularly levelled at governments is that different electorates in different communities receive different treatment.

Every electorate is equal, but some appear to be more equal than others.

Nowhere is that more obvious than in the treatment of Coffs Harbour Jetty Foreshores in comparison with the foreshores of Lake Illawarra, near Wollongong.

In Lake Illawarra the local member, Planning Minister Paul Scully, recently issued a press release celebrating keeping the land in public hands and free from residential, with a plan to “transform the foreshore location into a must-visit destination for Illawarra locals and visitors”. Public land kept in public hands.

No privatisation, no residential, just government funding to develop good public infrastructure.

In contrast, for Coffs Harbour the NSW Government is insisting that we must accept privatisation of public land and large-scale residential development as a trade-off for landscaping and infrastructure here.

Two communities, two different rules.

Speaking about Lake Illawarra, Minister for Lands and Property, Steve Kamper said the government “will not sell off this land to fill a budget blackhole for a Sydney project”.

We can only wonder why the same principle does not apply here.

Paul Scully is a very effective local member and he has advocated strongly for his community’s interest.

He should be congratulated.

However, our community also deserves to be treated equitably and fairly.

The political preferences of an electorate should not determine the fate of public land.

We don’t need special favours, but we do deserve a fair go.


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