Letter to the Editor: Save some open spaces at Jetty Foreshores

DEAR News Of The Area,

SO much for the Jetty Foreshores being the ‘Jewel in the Crown’.

There is no way that 450 units of residential development is going to enhance that ‘jewel’.

To the contrary, it will overcrowd and dwarf the area with multi-level buildings (six storeys with even eight on the agenda after successful appeals to planning) with developers attempting to eke out the maximum profit from the space at their disposal.

When the discussion switches to land shortages for housing it should be switched to land shortages for open public spaces.

The whole precinct between the CBD and the Jetty village is zoned for medium density residential use, and it is slowly progressing along those lines.

None of those residential developments provide outdoor recreation spaces (backyards).

With each redevelopment of the old single dwelling site to four, six or even eight units, the demand for public open space increases.

The land adjacent to the railway and Jordan Esplanade is an ideal opportunity to reserve some open space for the current and future needs of Coffs Harbour.

Coffs Harbour.

2 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Save some open spaces at Jetty Foreshores

  1. I am extremely disappointed to read about this State Govt decision. The Jetty Foreshores land is owned by “the people”, crown land. Was coastal inundation considered? Was road access considered? Was vulnerability of cyclones & sea-level rising considered?
    We need to form a massive protest action movement on this &/or Council should hold a specific referendum to seek the community’s approval or disapproval.

  2. Can’t believe,our mayor, council, community even our local Labor candidate have not been heard. Overdevelopment of Jetty foreshores not on. Who remembers when the water lapped over the railway lines? Maintain our beautiful, historic Jetty.

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