Local farmers support Camden Haven’s homeless

Local cattle farmers George and Yvonne Hobbs.

RENOWNED local cattle farmers George and Yvonne Hobbs have long been known for their dedication and excellence in raising and selling cattle.

With extensive experience on both sides of the Great Dividing Range, the Hobbs family has built a legacy rooted in the land and its livestock.

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Recently, their compassion has extended beyond their pastures, reaching into the heart of their community.

Upon learning about the struggles faced by homeless individuals in the Camden Haven area, George and Yvonne were deeply moved.

Their concern led them to discover the inspiring work of Community at 3, a local organisation devoted to aiding those in need.

Determined to contribute meaningfully, George and Yvonne decided to raise a young steer specifically for donation to the cause.

The steer, handpicked for this mission, was nurtured with immense care alongside their herd.

George and Yvonne found great joy in watching him grow, flourishing under their attentive watch.

“He became a worthy beast,” they remarked, reflecting on the steer’s development.

The steer was sold recently, with the proceeds donated to Community at 3.

This contribution is set to bolster the organisation’s ongoing efforts to support struggling individuals and families within the community.

Community at 3 expressed their gratitude for the Hobbs’ generosity.

“We thank George and Yvonne for their donation of the steer and congratulate them on the initiative,” a spokesperson said, noting that such support is vital for sustaining their initiatives.

“We have programs to assist people in all areas of concern, especially homelessness.”

The Hobbs’, in turn, hope their story inspires others to find ways to give back and support the less fortunate in Camden Haven.

If you would like to know more about the work of Community at 3, you can reach them on 0419 370 076.

By Luke Hadfield

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