‘Love Bites’ at Bowraville Theatre

The cast and crew applaud the audience for their responsiveness.

MOTHERS Day at Bowraville, 14 March, was highlighted by the final performance in the program of ‘Love Bites’, a stage production presented by ‘The Wyz Wimmin & Friends’, at the iconic Bowraville Theatre.

Performance locations stretched from the Coffs Harbour Botanic Gardens, on to Utungun Hall, Eungai Soldiers Memorial Hall, Valla Rural Hall and Bowraville for two shows, all performed over a ten-day period, the most extensive program the company have yet embarked on.

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“’Love Bites’ is a production put on by the theatre company based in Nambucca that I have been involved with as writer and stage manager, and this is the first time we have brought a production to Coffs Harbour and further to the community,” Stage manager and playwright Willa Hogarth was pleased to inform NOTA.

Comprising a collection of eight semi-interspersed vignettes, the short impressionistic scenes focus on events and characters that give a direct impression of situations revolving around love, family and marriage, all of which resonated with the audience.

The works of The Wyz Wimmin’s dedicated playwrights – Kathleen Crawley, Willa Hogarth and Carrolline Rhodes – were competently delivered on stage by the cast which included Laura Astle, Kathleen Crawley, Helen Kirkpatrick, Frederick Millard and Anama Tesser.
The production team is proud to proclaim, “As a visionary company we s
upport passionate performers and playwrights, with an ongoing aim to take theatre to the people.”

To join in any capacity, contact The Wyz Wimmin & Friends at carrollinerhodes@gmail.com.


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