Mateship over a Barbie

Ben Callen from Medowie Meats.
Ben Callen from Medowie Meats.

The Australian ‘barbie’ tradition is famous.

We look forward to our weekend breaks and the great Aussie barbecue is such a big part of our leisure time.

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We invite friends and family to our homes or we go to theirs and we share some chops, steaks or sausages over a beer, wine or a champagne and enjoy catching up with people who are special to us.

Our local councils are supportive of this Aussie tradition, and most of our public parks have barbecue facilities and a large majority of family picnics and outings include an Australian barbeque.

Of course during this scorching time of year, we are conscious of our bush fire warnings and operate our barbecues safely.

Australian barbecue habits can be pretty simple; we’re happy to slap a bit of meat between two pieces of bread, add a big dollop of tomato sauce and eat it while we’re enjoying a beverage or two.

If the barbie we’re having on a particular day involves preparing lots of salads, potato bake, fried onions and other dishes as well, we’re equally happy about that.

The really fantastic thing about our Australian barbecue habits is meeting, greeting and partying with our mates and family over the good old Aussie barbie and whatever comes along with it.

It’s the mateship and the sharing of good food and good times that is the priceless part of our Aussie lifestyle and what we all enjoy.

One local who embodies this spirit is our own Medowie Meats owner, Ben Callen.

Ben donates quietly to charity after charity, and is a well-known face about town at functions and get-togethers.

He always has a friendly smile and a kind word for locals and visitors alike, and as we approach Australia Day, we at News Of The Area think locals like Ben embody the true Aussie Spirit.

So, if you choose to celebrate this Australia Day, or just want to organise a catch up with mate, support local small businesses for your supplies, throw something on the barbie and join us.

By Rachael VAUGHAN

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