Medowie Dads conquer River Trip living off the land


Excited smiles as the men prepare to set off.
Excited smiles as the men prepare to set off.

TWO Aboriginal men from Medowie last week took their first ‘rely on the land’ kayak trip together to embrace their culture and learn more about our land, and their connection to it.

Medowie Physiotherapy Centre
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Gene Bovill, a Wiradjuri man, and Jarad Ashpole left Medowie for their trip last week with only the bare necessities.

They began at Stroud on Friday morning at 7am, and finished with their arrival in Karuah on Sunday at 1pm, travelling a total of 41.5 kilometres on their trip.

Their entire journey was geographically situated on the land whose traditional owners are the Worimi people.

The men packed their kayaks with only hammocks for sleeping,, hunting gear and fifteen litres of water each.

They survived the storm that hit the coast that Friday night, and made it back safely, all in one piece.

Their dinner consisted of anything they could hunt during their trip.

Jarad and Gene caught mud crabs, river mussels and a variety of lizards.

Gene is a Behaviour Support Clinician, and Jarad and his family own Medowie’s Project Health and Fitness, and brand new business Ashy’s threads.

Jarad and Gene each have four young children, and they thrive on immersing them in their Aboriginal Culture.

The fathers, along with their respective partners Jacki and Michelle, take every chance possible to learn about their cultural history and develop and strengthen their knowledge base in order to pass stories and learning on to their children.

The Bovill and Ashpole families both loving getting back to nature, camping, fishing, kayaking and enjoying the un-plugged lifestyle on trips away.

Jarad Ashpole told News Of The Area, “This trip was the best camping trip I’ve ever been on.”

“It was something very different, that’s for sure, and I can’t wait for the next one.”

“We’re looking forward to bring our families along one day, and teaching our children even more about the land,” he said.



By Rachael VAUGHAN

Gene and Jarad heading off on their adventure.
Gene and Jarad heading off on their adventure.


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