Mixed mediums for new shows at Nexus Community Gallery

Diane Judge’s Terra sigillata and majolica vessels.

LOCAL artists celebrate their latest explorations in their chosen mediums at Nexus Community Gallery exhibitions running from 8 October to 3 November.

In the Main Gallery is an exhibition called ‘The Photographer and the Potters 3’.

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The photographer is Ross Thompson, and the potters are Diane Judge, Clare Danby and Linda Ravlich.

In the Studio Gallery, the new show is titled ‘Meander’, highlighting journeys of discovery by ceramicists Tamasin Pepper and Anne Reilly and painter/ceramicist Cynthia Miller.

All the artists are from Bellingen other than Diane Judge who is from Woolgoolga.

The photographer and the three potters showing in the Main Gallery described their exhibits to News Of The Area.

Ross Thompson said, “My photography practice includes both digital and analogue processes, and the larger part of this exhibition showcases alternative photographic processes including lith prints, chrysotype and liquid photographic emulsion, that have been hand-printed in my darkroom.

“I am inspired by scenes of natural and human-made beauty.”

Diane Judge commented, “This precious vessel series focuses on the form and techniques that I have been exploring since I finished my studies in ceramics.

“Inspired by ancient Greek vessels and Italian Renaissance art and my fascination with the sea, I have aimed to combine the classical with the whimsical.”

Potter Clare Danby told NOTA, “I love hearing stories of how my pots are part of people’s everyday lives and the new friendships that pot connections kindle.

“These stories inspire my focus on functional pieces.

“Most of my pots in this show combine the exciting and unpredictable wood firing surfaces with my slips.”

Linda Ravlich said, “My method of working is hand building as I enjoy the experimentation it allows, and the happy accidents which arise during the making process.

“For this exhibition I have been exploring the making of small offering bowls.”

The three artists exhibiting in the Studio Gallery’s Meander exhibition also spoke with NOTA.

Tamasin Pepper said, “I explore the ancient quality of landscape from the microscopic to the aerial, grand scale.

“The forms I make are elemental, solid and earthy.

“I often use porcelain slip, polished white against the dry, bright engobes and oxides to reflect the starkness of the Australian sunlight.”

Anne Reilly told NOTA, “The beauty of form embellished with the alchemy of layering glazes still fascinates me, keeping me encaptured in its process.”

Cynthia Miller commented, “With a loaded brush I approach the blank canvas, subconsciously asking ‘Where are you taking me today?’

“My imagination is summoned from its sleep and I embark on my journey of discovery once again.

“For me, art is all-consuming and always a joy.”

Marking the official opening some of the artists will be hosting a welcome at the gallery, saying a few words about their works, starting at 2pm on Sunday 8 October – all welcome.

Open seven days a week at The Old Butter Factory, Nexus Community Gallery focuses almost exclusively on local artists’ works.


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