Modern art meets traditional crafts at Port Stephens Community Arts Centre

Photographer Kay Hathaway with a part of the Modern Art exhibition.

ART styles old and new will be on display during a Modern Contemporary and Spinners and Weavers showcase exhibition at the Port Stephens Community Arts Centre until 9 July.

“The modern contemporary arts exhibition is a dynamic showcase of artistic expressions that push the boundaries of creativity, showcasing a variety of themes,” the Arts Centre’s Meryl Miller told News Of The Area.

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“Our Spinners and Weavers exhibition showcases the artistry and craftsmanship of textile artists who create intricate fabrics using traditional spinning and weaving techniques.

“Visitors can admire a colourful array of hand-spun yarns, intricate woven patterns, and beautifully crafted textile artworks, celebrating the rich tradition of fibre arts,” she said.

Also on display is the work of featured artist Kay Hathway, who has almost always had a camera in her hand.

Both sides of her family, going back a few generations, have also been photographers.

She has held onto some of their old cameras and sometimes experiments with her Grandmother’s Box Brownie.

After a long career in government, Kay was able to devote more time to developing her photography skills and creativity.

After numerous workshops, photographic trips with professional photographers and many hours of online learning, Kay has arrived at a style that involves multiple exposures, intentional camera movement and other creative techniques.

Kay has won several awards over the years, most notably inclusion in the 2016 International Landscape Photographer of the Year, Top 101.

Kay’s images are intended to leave space for viewers to imagine what they are seeing for themselves.

Water seems to seep into many of her images with other parts of the natural world also lurking there.

Kay aims to engage imagination, memories and emotions, asking questions rather than providing answers.

Featured potter Rhaine Clayton embarked on her pottery journey in 2018, honing a blend of hand-building techniques and wheel throwing under the mentorship of Michael Wein.

Her artistic foundation was laid with an Associate Diploma in Fine Arts, completed in 1992, where she majored in photography and printmaking.

Rhaine’s dedication to continuous learning and creative exploration is evident in her pursuit of new techniques through books and online courses.

One notable course, Newcastle University’s Natural History Illustration course, inspired her current collection of ceramic animals.

This collection reflects her passion for integrating natural history into her ceramic art, showcasing her unique ability to blend traditional pottery skills with intricate illustrative techniques.

Experimenting with the method of mosaic, she has created some pieces inspired by the works of Klimt, Chagall, Van Gogh and Vali Myers.

The Port Stephens Community Arts Centre is located on Cultural Close at Nelson Bay.


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