Myall dredging starting work

By now most Tea Gardens readers would have noticed the change in conditions of the Myall River due to the initial opening of the Short Cut with long arm excavators.

Jimmy Drinkwater on hand with his local knowledge
Jimmy Drinkwater on hand with his local knowledge

There has been a significant improvement in water clarity and also a noticeable increase in tidal flow.

Local fisherman have seen a regrowth of green weed used as bait for Luderick (Black Fish) which has not been seen for many years.

The long awaited Dredge was craned into the River on Tuesday 18 August with a crowd of spectators and media on hand to witness the huge operation.

The dredge was craned in sections and assembled in the water at Winda Woppa from where it will then make its way into position at the Short Cut to further assist in the moving of sand to the storage areas and then Jimmy’s Beach erosion zone for replenishment.

Gordon Grainger of MRAG (Myall River Action Group) was noticeably excited when spoken to via phone this week.

“This is the culmination of seven years’ work by MRAG on behalf of the community.”

“We have already noticed changes in the River and as dredging further opens the channel, we anticipate huge changes as the river returns to its marine or oceanic environment.”

“We invite all interested parties to join us on Saturday 31 October during the Myall River Festival in a series of ferry trips to the Short Cut/Corrie Island area.”

“We will have speakers from Council and other Government Departments on board to discuss the program and give facts on all the how’s and whys and objectives for the Lower Myall Project.”

With all the current media and local street talk, these ferry trips will be a great way to see firsthand the works and learn about the overall picture of the future of the Myall River and Jimmy’s Beach replenishment.

Great work MRAG and thanks to all the Government Departments involved, it’s astounding to actually see changes and feel that the River will return to its former natural glory.


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