Myall U3A Photography Group portrait shoot workshop produces great results

The photo on the right was taken by group member Anita Catharell, while the photos on the left were provided by Paul Mulvaney.

EACH month a photograph is selected at the Myall U3A Photography Group’s meeting to be printed in News Of The Area.

The November photo is a collage from the group’s recent Portrait Shoot Workshop, the first time ever that the Myall U3A Photography Group had held a portrait shoot.

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Under the direction of convenor, Paul Mulvaney, eleven photographers took part in the shoot.

“Most, if not all, photographers present had very little or no experience in this field of photography,” said Sue Donohue, Myall U3A Photography Group.

“With cameras, props, lighting, and photographers ready, our model, Jannine, arrived.

“A great time was had by all with lots of learning, trial and error and hundreds of photos later, the group finally packed up, exhausted after a great day of shooting.

“The following fortnight the group had their ‘show and tell’ of edited, printed and photos shown on the big screen.

“The model chose a photo taken by Anita Catharell as her favourite and the one to be printed in the paper.

“Anita is usually a landscape photographer and found the portrait shoot quite a challenge but most enjoyable.”

The group look forward to another portrait shoot next year.

For information on the Myall U3A Photography Group contact Paul at

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