Nambucca Strikers Girls Under 14s shine with Premier finish and Runner Up

Nambucca Strikers Red and Blue, Girls Under 14s.

THE Nambucca Strikers Girls under 14s had an exceptional season, achieving remarkable success as both their teams secured top positions in the league.

The Nambucca Strikers Red team emerged as the Premiers, clinching the Girls’ under 14s Division Two title with an impressive 23 points.

They held a comfortable lead of six points over their counterparts, the Nambucca Strikers Blue, who secured the runner-up position with 17 points.

Not far behind, the Woolgoolga Waves claimed the third spot with 15 points, while the Dorrigo Blue Gums managed to secure the fourth finals berth with 12 points.

Rhys Jones, the Strikers’ coaching coordinator, showered praise upon Mel Jarrett, the coach of Strikers Red, who delivered outstanding leadership in her inaugural year.

“Mel Jarrett has coached this team extremely well.

“Mel’s first year coaching a team on her own, and her enthusiasm and passion were reflected in how the team went this year,” Jones said.

The unity of the Red and Blue Nambucca Strikers under 14s teams on the centre of the pitch signals a promising future for female football in Nambucca.

Cheree Chapman, the coach of Nambucca Strikers Blue, had only accolades for her team’s efforts.

“A fantastic season, full of growth and improvement.

“As a coach I could not be prouder of how far they have come this season,” she expressed.

Turning the spotlight to the Strikers Girls Under 12s, Rhys Jones acknowledged their remarkable commitment.

“Our Under 12 girls team played their hearts out all year, constantly battling with numbers, the team averaged eight or nine players per game.

“In the never give up spirit of the Strikers, and considering it was their first year playing on a full-size field, their coach Ricky Welsh couldn’t be happier.

“Let’s wish the Nambucca girls’ teams all the best in their finals series, and no matter the results, this was a great year for female footballers in the Valley,” Jones said.


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