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Caitlin McRae and Robert Marshall, Grafton Bridge Congress winners 2023.

NEWS : An outstanding result for Caitlin McRae & Robert Marshall at the Grafton Bridge Congress. Ranked thirteen against all-comers in the Swiss Pairs event they left the field behind for an impressive first place. Congratulations Caitlin & Robert, your club is very proud of you both.

Results for week ending: Saturday 2nd. December 2023.

Monday: 27th. Twenty-six players today, won at North/South by Glen Hallett & Phil Booth with 62.9 percent. Runners-up, Rosemary Bateman & Peter Plunkett-Cole. East/West winners Helen Rowsell & Noreen Cork with 58.5 percent.
Runners-up, Vicky Walker & Judy Holliday.

Tuesday: 28th. A three and a half Howell movement this evening with Caitlin McRae & Robert Marshall still in good form having a 63.5 percent win. Runners-up Jane & Greg Wood.

Wednesday: 29th Eighteen players including two visitors from Coffs Harbor for our monthly Under 100mps event. The visitors Roslyn Russell & Pauline Quinlan had a good day with a 67 percent win in a five-table Howell event.
Runners-up, Jo Smyth & Peter Whyte.

Thursday: 30th. A five-table Mitchell today won at North/South by Barbara Lott & Linda Siford with 60 percent.

Runners-up, Lynne & John Slade. East/west winners with 61 percent Coleen Robertson & Scott Parker. Runners-up Pauly Griffin & Mike Siford.

Saturday: 2nd. Dec. A good turn-out of twenty-four players for a Mitchell movement; Won at North/South by Glen Hallett and Phil Booth with 58.7 percent. Runners-up Judy Holliday & Vicky Walker. East/West winners Noreen Cork & Helen Rowsell with 59.8 percent. Runners-up Carol McKee Amber Fox.

Urunga: 29th. A six-table Bye-Relay event today won at North/South by Glen Hallett & Phil Booth with 67.9 percent.

Runners-up Nerellyn Mitchell & Peter Jonutz. East/West winners Katherina Goya & Charles Aspden with 57 percent. Runner-up, Jan Poole & Peter Plunkett-Cole.


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