NSW Libertarian Party set to shake up Mid North Coast council elections

Local resident and potential council candidate Mark Hornshaw is looking to shake things up.

RESIDENTS of Camden Haven will soon have a new party to consider for local council representation as the NSW division of the Libertarian Party, formerly known as the Liberal Democrats (Lib Dem), prepares to field a ticket in the upcoming 2024 Local Government Elections.

Leading the charge is Mark Hornshaw, owner and operator of Barbushco in Lorne, university lecturer in economics and entrepreneurship and former Federal Lib Dem candidate for Lyne in 2022.

Mr Hornshaw, the first candidate to step forward, emphasises that the party’s campaign will be deeply rooted in policy.

“Most people run on the platform of ‘I’m from here, I went to school here, or I own a business here’,” Mr Hornshaw told News Of The Area.

“We want to bring something different to the table.”

Despite differing in ideology and policy, Mr Hornshaw mentioned that their campaign will be similar to the strategic approach of parties like the Greens, who have seen success in the last few NSW Local Government Elections.

The party plans to campaign on local issues but also has a broader eight page ‘Freedom Manifesto’ on their website that outlines their platform for councils across the state, giving voters a clear outline of their beliefs.

According to their website, the NSW Libertarian Party’s platform centres around five main policies: eliminating what they term “woke agendas” from council operations, opposing the implementation of “smart cities”, cutting costs and slashing rates for residents, strongly supporting property rights with a favourable stance on development applications (DAs), and supporting council demergers.

Mr Hornshaw believes a back-to-basics approach is key to efficient governance and that local governments have a duty to commit to the duties they’re tasked with.

“If we can get the Council to get back to basics and cut overheads, then everyone’s local projects can be pushed up the list,” he stated.

While the selection process for the party’s local candidates is still ongoing, Hornshaw noted there is significant volunteer interest, indicating robust support for their upcoming campaign.

Voters will head to the polls on Saturday, 14 September, to re-elect the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council.

With one confirmed vacancy and another potential opening, there is an opportunity for fresh faces to emerge and take their shot at council representation.

Promising a different perspective on council management and community priorities, voters in the local community will have much to evaluate ahead of the election.


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