OPINION: Not a hater – A quiet Australian’s view

DEAR News Of The Area,

JUST wondering if others were saddened to read the letter published on 8/09/2023, ‘Sorry haters, I am voting YES’?

‘Haters’ is such a strong and emotive word.

The Voice Referendum should be based on rational debate, not name calling.

Are we to be labelled ‘haters’ simply because we may have a different opinion to the writer?

It shows how divisive this referendum has become.

Australia is composed of diverse ethnic groups, where people are valued not by their ancestry, but rather by their character and willingness to work together for the common good.

As Australians, we all have an equal voice to Parliament through our elected representatives.

Most of us would like to see Indigenous Australians recognised in the Constitution as the First Peoples of Australia.
However, this referendum goes beyond recognition.

It wants to introduce a body called the Voice to make representations to Government on matters relating to Indigenous people.

There is already a National Indigenous Australian Agency to give Indigenous Australians a voice in matters that affect them.

There are hundreds of other agencies funded and tasked with ‘closing the gap’ and improving outcomes for disadvantaged Indigenous people.

Investigating why this has not been achieved and fixing the problem is the answer, not changing our Constitution and adding another level of bureaucracy.

We are being asked to vote for a Voice which is lacking in detail and will permanently change our Constitution, if successful.

It will give one group of Australians more say than the rest of us.

It is inequitable and will divide, rather than unite our country.

Coffs Harbour.

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