OPINION: Why are onshore renewables not being considered?

DEAR News Of The Area,

RECENTLY I have seen several reports where the Government says it will continue to consult with the community regarding offshore wind farms.

Implied in those reports is a belief on the part of the Government that it is sufficient to listen to and understand our concerns.

From my perspective consultation and understanding of community opposition is somewhat disingenuous if the Government proceeds apace with implementing plans for offshore wind farms around the Australian coast without telling us, based on verifiable evidence, why none of the many onshore renewable energy options are worth pursuing.

Given the climate emergency, why are the tried and tested onshore options of wind, solar, hydro and batteries, which can be operational in six to eight years versus a minimum of ten years for offshore wind, not being seriously considered?

Why are they pursuing a really expensive poorly researched option to the exclusion of everything else?

Cherylle STONE,
Soldiers Point.

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