Painted Blue Coffee Grinders Garner Fresh Awards

Painted Blue Coffee Roasters’ Grassy Head HQ.

MORNINGS at Grassy Head’s Painted Blue Coffee Roasters are lively and aromatic, regardless of their recent accolades, which include winning ‘The Golden Bean 2022 – Champion Espresso and Champion Organic’, categories judged within Australasia.

Owners Daniel and Charelle Klingsporn were proud to inform NOTA that, “Consistently, each year, our coffee is badged with some of the best in the nation, this year Australasia.”

Though most green beans are sourced from overseas, a plantation of approximately 1.5 acres is being established in the vicinity of Browns Road, off the Stuarts Point Road, above the current flooding problems.

The company provides products to many local outlets and individuals with a growing ethos, including the potential for increased local employment opportunities.

Charelle emphasised that, “As a roasting company with insights, experience and exposure to industry practices we plan to be a catalyst to support a local product to market, not only to support the growing domestic demand but elevate Mid North Coast products nationwide.”

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