Raymond Terrace martial arts school hosts Australasian Gasshuku

Martial arts students are put through their paces at the recent Australasian Gasshuku (training camp) at Raymond Terrace.

AN Australian Gasshuku (training camp) for Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Jutsu was held recently at the NSW Hombu Dojo headquarters located in Raymond Terrace.

32 martial arts enthusiasts attended the camp with students travelling from Queensland, Victoria and as far away as New Zealand.

Although participants were mainly Koryu Uchinadi students, there were a number of like minded, senior ranked students from other martial arts styles.

Sharing their knowledge and expertise with the participants were the three most senior instructors from Australia – Shihan Bill Johansen, Shihan Bob King and Shihan Peter Wetherspoon – along with other high level instructors.

Local hero King – the NSW Chief Instructor and a 6th Dan – told News Of The Area that the training camp “was well received by participants”.

“Overall the event proved a huge success with a good roll up of martial arts students from far and wide attending the camp,” said Shihan Bob.

“The training was beneficial to all the students who were able to learn so much from the experienced instructors. During the training camp we handed out a total of four black belts,” he added.

Topics covered included Kata and its application techniques known as bunkai, ground fighting plus various other flow drills that dealt with self defence scenarios and looked at entries, applying techniques and exits.

Weapons training, known as Kobudo, was also part of the three days of training.

Over the course of the Gasshuku, two local youth students were graded to junior black belt while two older local students achieved the coveted black belt.

By Chris KARAS

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