Road safety in Corlette, speeding, speed humps needed

Heidi Rhodes with her children says, Kids safety is paramount.
Heidi Rhodes with her children says, Kids safety is paramount.

FRESH skid marks, hooning and the demise of the 50km sign have been the last straw for mum of 3, Heidi Rhodes of Bagnalls Beach Road, Corlette.

Mrs Rhodes faces the awful prospect of crossing Bagnalls Beach Road to meet her son off the school bus along with her 3 year old and newborn baby on a daily basis.

Mrs Rhodes said, “Even when you are crossing the road, baby in the pram and a child beside me, cars come around the roundabout so quickly, they do not slow down and many times, they continue accelerating.”

Mrs Rhodes fears it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt.

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“There are children going home from school on their pedal bikes and cars drive so fast around them, way more than the 50km zone along this road,” she said.

“We have regulars, you can hear them way before you see them and each night at a certain time, we hear the duff duff music, then the wheel spins,” said Mrs Rhodes.

We fear for not only the children’s safety, but we also have a large percentage of elderly people living in this area.

It is simply unsafe.

Taking a walk along the road together with Mrs Rhodes and her two youngest children, you do not have to go far before skid marks are evident on both the roads leading to and on the roundabout.

What is making matters worse is there are several homes being renovated along this road making walking with some degree of safety on the council strip impossible and forcing Mrs Rhodes and her young children onto the road.

Mrs Rhodes would like Council to install speed humps along Bagnalls Beach Road, keeping in line with other surrounding roads and reduce the speed in which drivers can travel.



By Mandy ELLIS



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