Santa makes a special appearance to Sawtell Nippers

Santa loves his yearly visit to Sawtell.

ONCE a year, Santa makes a special appearance to the Sawtell Nippers.

He was first spotted at the south end of the beach, riding a wild rubber duckie, clutching a huge bag of lollies which were gone in minutes once he hit shore in front of the Sawtell Surf Life Saving Club.

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Local Nippers parent Jamie Syme has witnessed this phenomenon twice since he and his family moved to Sawtell just over two years ago.

Hailing from Scotland, he’s also witnessed appearances by Santa in his homeland.

“Yes, where we lived, Santa rode a sleigh pulled on a float and visited the cul-de-sacs, tossing out sweeties to the children,” he told NOTA.

Despite missing extended family, Jamie doesn’t miss the weather back home in December.

It’s cold and snowy on the Isle of Tiree – a tiny island off the west coast of Scotland.

There are single track roads and only 400 people, who live four hours from the mainland by ferry.

At Christmas time, temperatures hit minus two degrees celsius at night, with highs of eight degrees during the day.

It’s a stark contrast to Christmas on the beach at Sawtell.

“We were rugged up, whilst here I’m wearing next to nothing here in my budgie smugglers,” Jamie said.

“We go through a lot of sun tan cream!”

Jamie is the owner and coach at Mission Training CrossFit Sawtell, and he and his wife Claire love that their four children are embracing the Aussie lifestyle by becoming Nippers, learning valuable surf skills.


Jamie and Claire Syme and family.

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