Sawtell Bowls Results

Div 7 Open Gender Pennant Team- who qualified and will be heading to Marylands for the State Play Off.

SAWTELL Division 7 Pennant Team Qualified and will be heading to Marylands for State Open Mixed playoff / Congratulations on a great achievement and great bowling in adverse Weather Conditions; Also great to see the supporters who travelled to support the Team

MONDAY Afternoon Bowls 20/2/24

R Hampson, B Connors, D Ryan DEF R Hampson, L Wheeler, H Slater

A Waters, G Hampson, D Tree DEF C Jenkins, J Churn, N Martin

J Chapman, L Read, D Ide DEF I Connors, S Kennedy, Pam Pryke

J Martin, L Kratz D Wheeler DEF K Mason, P Nikitin, Paul Pryke

TUESDAY – Ladies Social Bowls 21/5/24

J Wheeler, J Smithers DEF J Brown, L Mitchell

C Jennings, J Poletti DEF R Lucas, C Hill

M Pickard, D Ide N Harvey DEF M Friend, L Wheeler, L Kratz

S Kennedy, N Elford, N Feltrin DEF H Muir, M McDonald, B Eden

J Savage, J Cox, D Tree DEF T Rhoades, B Connors ,N Foy

WEDNESDAY – Men’s Social Bowls 22/5/24

B Fitzpatrick, P Nikiten, R Williams Def P Roach, D Bond, B Meadows

R Smithers, S Shaw, J Rice DEF P Paunovic, K Sharman, B Kennedy

C Bourke, N Wong, R Cridge DEF I Maverick, M Jenkins, G Walsh

N McClelland, J Richardson, J Urge DEF I Muller, C Attard, L Zecchinati

A Barker, P Bartholomew, G Campbell DEF R Rolinson, P Covington, A Wagstaff

W Hall, D Anderson, A Berry DEF N Kotrozos, J Oates, R Morris

G Hampson, P Warby DEF P Bird, N Scott

P Eiberger, D Wheeler, N Martin DEF H Staler, P Cook, R Petterson

G Hitchen, R McLennan, S Wilkinson DEF B Cook, W Vaughn, J Townsend

R Stock, B Martin, P Collins N Thomas, P Weir, L Preston

G Fisher, D Frost, N Sillar DEF B Pemberton, T Brooks, G Denniss

B Brown,/N Stahlhut ,A Vivian, A Robinson DEF J Chapman, K Raymond, J Murtas

D Isaacs, K Heatrick DEF G Dorrington, A Amos

THURSDAY- Ladies Triples Championships ROUND 1 23/5/24

T Rhoads, L North, N Harvey DEF L Kratz, J Cox, L Mitchell

J Wheeler, D Grebert, E Tindall DEF S Mason, C Hill, N Foy

FRIDAY –Open Social Bowls 24/5/24

P Bird, P Covington, A Sorbello, DEF K Taylor, P Eiberger, P Coulton

G Staunton Latimer, A Robinson, A Baker DEF T Lavelle, P Newman, B Blight

L Zecchinati, P Bartholomew, W Meadows DEF P Paunovic, G Peel, B Proctor

N Kotrozos, J Oates, J Townsend DEF G Hampson, P Roach, E Tindall

S Mason, D Grebert, J Grebert played H Muir, N Staff, J Hall (Game Not Completed)

N Feltrin, J Smithers, R Morris DEF C Jennings, H Slater, P Nikiten

T Brooks, R Cridge, A Taylor DEF K Lowry, G Hitchen, W Bujeya

B Hamilton, K Mason, L Preston DEF W Vaughn, D Anderson, A Wagstaff

M Saillard, G Denniss, T Karam DEF S Flynn, J Flynn, G Flynn

N Stahlhut, J Griffith, L Griffith DEF K Haetrick, C Haetrick, L Feltrin


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