Scammer Alert: Never Say ‘Yes’

Never say “yes” to an unidentified caller.
Never say “yes” to an unidentified caller.


THERE is yet another scam doing the rounds of the area.

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This one is based around voice recognition and relies on a “Yes” response from the intended victim.

The scammers then use your recorded “yes” to order goods in your name or access your financial records.

The most common call will be delayed and a voice in broken English will ask: “Can you hear me?”

Another caller will know your name and ask:

“Is that Mr Smith?”

The natural knee jerk reaction is to answer “Yes.”

If you do, you could become a victim.

If you have inadvertently responded in this way and are worried, it may be wise to contact your bank, credit card lender or telco provider.

You could also forewarn your friends.

‘ID care’ is a website which gives advice on the snowballing problem of identity theft.



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