SES and emergency services collaborate to save driver

The team working hard at the two car motor vehicle accident.

ON 7 March just before 8pm, SES Port Stephens responded to a two car accident with persons trapped on Lemon Tree Passage Road at Salt Ash.

“Upon arrival, crews found two vehicles, one of which was on its side in a storm drain with significant damage and the driver trapped inside,” Alysha Springett of the SES told News Of The Area.

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The team of NSW SES Rescue Operators stabilised the vehicle and worked to release the trapped driver.

Also on site were NSW Ambulance Paramedics who worked to treat the injured casualties on scene, including the driver.

The response was a true collaboration across emergency services with NSW Police Officers managing the scene, local traffic and bystanders while the NSW RFS Firefighters managed a fuel leak and provided fire protection.

“With the vehicle on its side and the driver trapped by both injury and confinement, rescue operators cut along the roof of the vehicle and folded it down, known as a ‘roof fold’,” she said.

This was so as to create sufficient access to the casualty to get them out as carefully as possible.

Once extricated from the vehicle, the driver was then taken to hospital for further treatment.


The vehicle after the driver was extricated.

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