Success at Gloucester Masters for Nelson Bay Croquet Club

Block A Winners and runners-up Rod, Brenda-Lee, Peter and Sherry.

Success at Gloucester Masters

TEN Nelson Bay Croquet Club members travelled to Gloucester for the one-day Golf Croquet Doubles Masters competition held on Saturday 4 November – Faby Batho, Rob Batho, Peter Gordon, Sherry Gordon, Les Guzowski, Karen Lilly, Brenda-Lee Peet, Rod Peet, Jane Scorer and Rae Uptin.

The 20 teams were divided into 4 blocks of 5 teams, providing a round-robin of four games for each team.

The games were played as 13-point games with a time limit of 50 minutes.

Nelson Bay members enjoyed a successful day, winning three of the four blocks and runners-up in two.

Block A 1st Brenda-Lee and Rod Peet

2nd Peter and Sherry Gordon

Block B 1st Rob Batho and Lyn Stewart (Gloucester)

Block C 1st Faby Batho and Chris Sims (Gloucester)

2nd Jane Scorer and Eric Drury (Port Macquarie)

A great day for the club with seven of ten players being successful.


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