Tea Gardens Hawks thoroughly roast Gloucester Magpies in grudge match at Myall Park

The ref’s interference led to a stop in crucial momentum.

LIGHTNING speed and thunderous thuds punctuated the Tea Gardens Hawks’ grudge-match against the Gloucester Magpies at Myall Park on Saturday, 3 June.

The first converted try went to Gloucester, despite Benny’s best efforts zipping up and down the attack lines
Several debatable penalties against the Hawks occurred as they brought the ball near halfway, marring the first half with multiple interruptions momentum, and the home-crown venting at the ref.

Gloucester’s second try came amid several airborne tackles, as brute force was liberally applied in both defences, but the next questionably ‘onside’ Gloucester run up the wing was dragged into touch.

Ref-heckling approached fever pitch, egged on by rapidly accumulating penalty calls (more than a dozen) against the Hawks, climaxing with the referee’s uprooting by a tackled Magpie’s, crucially crippling the Hawks’ momentum.

Following intense half-time huddles with testosterone detectable on the sidelines, the second half eclipsed the first in every possible way.

Aiden Bills intercepted on the wing, ran 80 metres and scored before Gloucester knew what hit ‘em, then converted his own try.

Gloucester’s counter-offensive scored, but Bills’ identical play got another try, converting his own a second time.

Presently, the Hawks’ ferocious offence featured Ryan Saunders’ placement kick allowing Brendan Robinson to score, Bills converting successfully, again.

Hawks’ fourth try came as a father-son dream play, with Ryan Saunders passing setting up son Shaqueil for a try in his debut game.

Gloucester’s botched ‘10 metre kickoff’ gave the Hawks immediate possession, leading to Shaqueil passing a setup to James ‘The Quoll’ Saunders for the fifth Hawks try.

Two untimely Gloucester fumbles ensured Hawks’ possession, with their sixth try to Robinson (again), converted by Bills (again).

Gloucester hit back desperately to score the board now 10 points apart with 10 minutes left.

Reece Wall’s try (seventh for the Hawks) sealed the deal, with a sixth successful conversion by Bills.

The Full-Time score of 40-24 reflected the amazing effort by all, and Aiden Bills now sits as the top try-scorer in the league.

By Thomas O’KEEFE

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