Tea Gardens Hawks topple undefeated Paterson

The men’s teams are cheered onto the field by the Ladies.

IT was victory for the Tea Gardens Hawks Men’s team on Saturday 20 May, toppling undefeated Paterson in a showdown at Myall Park.

Paterson’s determined offence kept the equally single-minded Hawks on their backline to start.

The Hawks’ Braith Cotterill hit hard, pushing back three Paterson attackers in a tackle, before scoring the first try, to the loud crowd eruption from the home-crowd and Lady Hawks, as Aiden Bills kicked his first of three successful conversions.

The Hawks’ relentless attack saw fierce encounters along Paterson’s backline, with four held try attempts by the Hawks in rapid succession.

Rising aggression on both sides of the field devolved into fisty-cuffs more than once, with multiple penalty calls throughout.

After a thwarted runaway to their own back corner by Paterson’s winger, the Hawks’ second spectacular try between the uprights was grounded by Ryan Saunders, nothing less expected from the Coach of the Hawks’ boys’ team and assistant coach for the Lady Hawks.

Paterson’s Kelly Draper scored early in the second half, with a successful conversion to Harry Drayton.

Hawks Captain Jacob Palm-Wicks ably slipped through a befuddled Paterson defence, scoring a try and setting up Aiden Bills’ third successful conversion.

As Paterson’s ‘undefeated’ crown slipped off, the final quarter saw Aiden Bills scoring the Hawks’ fourth try.

Paterson’s consolation try came in the 77th minute via Khobi Smith and Dereece Torrens’ conversion, but their team left the field ‘undefeated’ no more.

“I honestly think this was our best game this year, we won the game with outstanding efforts from our forwards Tom Woods, Rex Shelton and Jyson Wolfram,” Aaron Neighbour, VP of the Hawks RLFC told NOTA.

“Coach Chad Redman and Captain Jacob Palm-Wicks, Brenden Robinson were controlling our spine on-field and offloading the ball to Aiden Bills or Luke Perry gave us all the opportunity to put points on the board.”

“It’s always a great feeling to beat an undefeated side, but in saying that, I wish Paterson a great season and hopefully we’ll see them in the finals.”

By Thomas O’KEEFE

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