Tea Gardens Primary School against Myall Coast Rotary Club

A recent Monday Myall Coast Rotary Club meeting, held at Tea Gardens Country Club, wasn’t the typical meeting members would expect to experience.Myall Coast rotary Club and Tea Gardens School

It was the location of Tea Gardens Primary School’s Annual, ‘Great Debate’.

The debate was between the school and the Rotary Club of Myall Coast.

Rotary President Geoff Latona extended a warm welcome to all and at the end of the debate presented the Winners Trophy.

      Wild Animals should not be kept in captivity, was the topic of discussion – of debate.

Tea Gardens Primary School Children were the ‘Opposition’ and the Rotary Club Members were the ‘Government’.

Rotarian Past President Wilma Simmons was again adjudicator for the debate.

“Any member who was unable to attend missed the most interesting and enjoyable evening,” said Rotarian, Pam Sivyer.

“It was so refreshing to see the youthful enthusiasm in their bright young faces, resplendent in their impeccable school uniforms,” she said.

The School team was very well prepared by teacher Elizabeth Winney.

The three speakers, Hannah Avery, Alex Hinitt, Josh Howarth and Ben Woolard, provided the room with well defined speeches and exceptional arguments.

The Rotarians were headed by Betty Reid and included Ron James, Ray Harrison and Paul Dewar as the Advisor.

The Rotarians gave a sterling performance with particularly cogent arguments.

“All members present agreed that it was the best team we have entered,” Pam Sivyer told Myall Coast News.

The Rotarians rounded off their presentation by a particularly wonderful, clever and appropriate poem which was written by Myall Coasts own ‘Immortal Bard’ Ray Harrison.

School Principal, Mark Clemson said how proud he was of his pupils and wished to thank members of the Rotary Club for their ongoing support and involvement with the school.

“The annual debate is an excellent opportunity for our students to develop and improve their debating skills. Our students enjoy and embrace this annual challenge,” Mr Clemson told Myall Coast News.

“The local Rotary club are active members within our school community. A number of the members from the club assist with listening to students read each Tuesday.”

Mr Clemson said, “Opportunities like the Annual Debate and the Rotary readers form part of the rich relationship between our school and organisations within our community.”

“It’s valuable contributions like these which have an ongoing and lasting impact on our students,” he said.

By the way, ‘Congratulations’, this year went to winners… Tea Gardens Primary School Debating Team.


Pictured: (Front) Alex Hinitt, Hannah Avery, Joshua Howarth and Ben Woolard. (Back) Rotary President Geoff Latona,
Teacher Elizabeth Winney and Principal Mark Clemson.

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