Tea Gardens Thursday Walkers Group along the Myall River

Thursday Walkers Group along the Myall River.
Thursday Walkers Group along the Myall River.

Dear News Of The Area,

DO we ever really grow up?

We could well ask that question of the Thursday Walkers who took part in a walk with a twist on 14 July along Myall River Road.

In groups of five we were tasked with making observations on our walk and filling in an answer sheet. A prize for the winners.

Well I know that many of the former teachers among the group would have had a real laugh as we all reverted to type.

Is there a classroom anywhere that does not consist of this cast of characters?

Sammy Swat who really wants to get all the answers right and takes it seriously. Careless Connie who races along and only half fills in the sheet, often putting most of the answers in the wrong place.

Fast Freddy who’s more interested in being first finished than in being accurate.

Mullane & Lindsay
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Joker John whose main objective is to trick others into getting the wrong answer.

Vivacious Viv who sees every task as an opportunity to socialize and chat, “questions? Oh I was too busy talking”.

Blasé Bill who really couldn’t give a toss.

Well I can certainly recognise myself, can you?

Thank you Ray and Cherry for injecting a bit of fun into this walk. We all enjoyed it and greatly appreciate your efforts.

Disclaimer: Names have been changed to protect the guilty.


Helen Watkins

Thursday Walkers Group

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