Tea Gardens Women’s Bowling Club

The unfurling ceremony.

TUESDAY 30th April: Unfurling Day for the NDWBA Pennant Flag that was won by our Grade 3 White Pennant Team fortunately the rain only managed to “dampen” this special day to a small degree.

The Unfurling Ceremony was to be held following a game of bowls but instead of bowls members and guests enjoyed a game of Trivia and when there was a break in the showers of rain a very quick service was held many thanks to Tea Gardens Country Club and Motel President Terry Munright for his participation in these proceedings. Thanks to all our invited guests for attending Terry Munright, Margaret Munright, Marion Wilson President NDWBA, Noel Jackson President TGMBC and Dorothy Thompson Life Member TGWBC. Our winning side Bev Harrington, Lynne Green, Gay Pezet, Robyn Beaumont, Lyn Nightingale, Robyn Webster, Karen Green and Pat Baker plus reserve Irene Roberts and Side Manager Deyonne Page are heading to Ballina for the State Pennant Playoffs they will compete against a side from St Johns Park on Tuesday 21st May and then on the morning Wednesday 22nd May bowl against a side from Penrith Region. Round 1 of the Finals commence in the afternoon on Wednesday with the Semi Final 0830 Thursday 23rd and the Final in the afternoon.

Thursday 2nd May: No bowls played due to rain


The winners Karen Green, Pat Baker, Lynne Green, Robyn Beaumont, Robyn Webster, Bev Harrington, Gay Pezet and Lyn Nightingale.

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