Teas4Tee campaign launched to support Supertees

Living with a heart condition, young Chase wears his Supertee for bravery when he’s in hospital.

SHARING the story about her son’s life with a serious heart condition, Coffs Harbour mum Marissa is bringing awareness to the first ever Tea4Tees fundraiser.

The campaign has been launched to raise money to buy Supertees, a specially designed superhero t-shirt which opens under the arms for easy thermometer access, with evenly placed press studs that can be opened around tubes and lines, as well as being PET scan and MRI friendly.

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Emblazoned with a superhero design, Supertees are a game changer when her son, Chase, aged nine, is in hospital, according to Marissa.

“Chase had a Supertee donated to him last year and it has made life so much easier for him, especially with so many monitors and lines connected after surgery because it can be undone at the sides and under the arms, without becoming tangled,” Marissa told News Of The Area, who said she’d been looking for a product like this for years.

Marissa said Chace’s Supertee makes him feel like he has “special superhero powers”.

“Chase always says ‘I’m brave and strong mum, I can do it’,” she said.

Speaking about the need for a donor heart, Marissa said, “As Chase’s heart begins to deteriorate, he is on the list for a heart transplant.

“It’s a very big opener and a very big scary thing.

“I’m hoping he never gets so bad that we need to go down that path.

“Chase had a stent put in his heart when he was four-and-a-half and last year he needed follow-up surgery to balloon the stent and it’s expected he will need to have that done again when he is twelve.”

Sharing the power of the Supertees, Marissa said that during Chase’s last hospital stay at Westmead, there were eight children on the ward all wearing their Supertees together.

Wearing them together gives them a sense of camaraderie and bravery.

Tea4Tees is a month-long event in April to help the children’s charity reach its goal of donating 16,000 Supertee kits to sick children in hospitals across Australia this year.

Supertee founder and CEO Jason Sotiris said it’s an opportunity to have some fun with family and friends while making a real difference in the lives of sick kids and their families.

Tea4Tees will run from 1-30 April 2024.

For more information visit www.fundraise.supertee.org.au/event/tea4tees/home.


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