Time to prepare homes for winter fire dangers

Raymond Terrace Fire and Rescue NSW responding to a house fire.

WINTER is almost upon us and it is time to check that your home is fire safe.

Wet weather sees us drying clothes and other items inside.

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Heaters should be checked and any fireplaces reviewed for safety.

Similarly electric blankets should be checked for compromised wiring.

Deputy Captain Giacomo Arnott, Raymond Terrace Fire and Rescue NSW told News Of The Area, “As we enter the cooler months of the year, it’s important for people to remember that the majority of house fires start in the winter months.

“If you have a heater in your house, ensure that you have clearance of one metre from the heater.

“Combustible materials can easily ignite if close by.

“Do not dry wet clothes using a heater.

“Make sure you check the lint filter in your dryer before using it, as a build up of lint can easily catch alight and mean we have to visit you and put out a fire in your house.

“Half of house fires in NSW start in kitchens, so always be sure to keep looking when cooking.”

Even a small kitchen fire can have devastating results.

Make sure you have a fire blanket and fire extinguisher in your house in case there is a fire.

“And most importantly, check your smoke alarms,” Mr Arnott said.

“Having a working smoke alarm significantly increases your chances of surviving a house fire.

“If you’re elderly or disabled, you can contact our fire station on 4987 2627 and we can book in a free smoke alarm check for you.

“If you follow these safety tips, there will be less chance of us needing to see you this winter.

“Get in touch with us if you have any fire safety questions,” he said.

Your local firefighters would rather assist you with the installation of working smoke alarms than respond to a fire at your home.

You can contact Fire and Rescue Salamander Bay on 4979 3752.


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