Tracey Tancred takes out Sydney Royal Easter Show win

The first place winning entry with its Royal Easter Show ribbon.

PORT Stephens resident Tracey Tancred has taken out first place for her craftsmanship at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

In a celebration of traditional craftsmanship, Tracey, a dedicated member of Port Stephens Community Arts Centre’s Spinning and Weaving group, clinched the coveted win with an exquisite handcrafted shawl.

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“Tracey was competing in Class 0176, which focused on items made using handspun/plied yarn, where Tracey’s entry stood out among ten others, earning recognition not only for its beauty but also for its exceptional quality,” Meryl Miller from the Port Stephens Community Arts Centre told News Of The Area.

Tracey’s journey to creating this masterpiece was a labour of love, spanning many hours and showcasing her remarkable patience and skill.

Using raw Merino fleece, she meticulously washed and combed the fibres before spinning and plying them on her spinning wheel, resulting in a stunning 1400 metres/100g of yarn.

This process took Tracey about two weeks.

“Then employing traditional Estonian lace techniques, Tracey knitted the shawl using the intricate ‘Silvia’ pattern, hailing from Haapsalu, Estonia.

“Tracey was inspired by the rich history of these shawls, also known as ‘wedding ring shawls’, and Tracey’s attention to detail and craftsmanship shines through in every stitch.”

One of the hallmarks of Estonian lace shawls is their delicacy, with the finest examples being able to pass through a wedding ring.

While Tracey’s shawl has yet to undergo this test, its fine quality and exquisite design speak volumes about her dedication and expertise.

For Tracey, knitting the shawl was a month-long labour of passion and commitment, culminating in a well-deserved triumph at the prestigious Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Her achievement not only highlights the beauty of traditional craftsmanship but also serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of handmade artistry in today’s world.


The shawl being modelled at the Port Stephens Community Arts Centre.

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