U3A Fishing for Fun

Kath caught four bream to win the day.

HAVE you been to Gumma Reserve?

It’s popular with quite a few and unknown to many.

Some seven kilometres east of the Macksville Post Office lies Gumma Reserve.

You travel on River St, Gumma Rd and Boultons Crossing Rd but there is only one turnoff, five km down, just follow the sign.

On our fishing Friday there were about seven caravans setup enjoying the tranquility of the reserve on the banks of Warrell Ck when ten of our group arrived.

We spread out evenly along the riverbank and got to work.

There were plenty of bites but no fish for a while, Kathy broke the drought with a bream.

The campers started sitting around having a coffee and watching our antics.

Kathy caught a second bream which was too much for one of the campers who immediately got out his fishing gear.

He cast out and sat in his chair to see what happened.

Straight away he caught a good size flathead then his wife spent the next hour on the phone describing his antics.

Soon after Felicity let out a squeal and landed a bream.

Kathy stayed consistent all morning by catching four bream with a minimum of fuss while Simon eventually landed a small bream.

The rest of us had to contend with just enjoying our morning in the sun.

Another eventual fishing morning was completed so we celebrated with a barbeque before heading home.

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