Vintage and Veteran Car Club rebrands

As well as vintage and veteran cars, the club now includes classic cars 30 years or older. Photo: Gerald De Gabrielle.

PERCEPTION is everything, so, in its 50th year, the Coffs Harbour Veteran and Vintage Car Club is changing its name to better reflect the growing enthusiasm for older cars.

The club was formed with five members in July 1974 and members own vehicles such as a 100 year old Schneider, a 1911 Hupmobile and several other veteran and early vintage vehicles.

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Current members feel that ‘Veteran and Vintage’ conjures up a vision of an old rag top car with wooden spoked wheels and running boards, but most current members also have classic cars, as well as an older vehicle.

‘Classic’ denotes cars from the 1930s onwards which must be more than 30 years old, such as a 1978 Toyota Crown, a 1971 Wolseley Police Car, a 1962 black London Cab, WW2 military vehicles and a couple of early Toyota Land Cruisers owned by members.

So, to better reflect the club, and cater for a wider range of car enthusiasts, the name has been changed to the Coffs Harbour Veteran, Vintage and Classic Car Club Inc.

Anyone with a car in non-modified condition 30 years or older can now consider being a member.

Club membership is open to anyone with an interest in older vehicles, particularly those who have an older car that they want to keep for nostalgic reasons and think that a supportive social environment is appealing.

The membership, $47 a year, including third party insurance, permits 60 days of driving a year in addition to participation in club excursions and events.

Car registration inspection is provided by club members free of charge for vehicles built before 31 December 1980.
Club members give their time and effort helping on other’s cars.

The club holds a monthly meeting with regular guest speakers, followed by tea, coffee, cake and chats with like minded people.

Other events include driving cars for a morning coffee once a month to various venues around the area, Sunday lunch each month we go for lunch and a monthly Saturday afternoon tea.

Family membership is available and partners and family members take part in outings and coffee mornings.

The club‘s community involvement includes the Sawtell New Year Fun Day over many years, carrying veterans on Anzac Day Marches and participation in various Agricultural Shows and the Glenreagh Wood Fair.

Gerry De Gabriele, the club’s Event Organiser said, “We donate excess funds to community groups such as the Waratah Respite Centre and local Rural Fire Brigades.”

Members meet on the first Thursday of the month at the Boambee Hall at 7 pm.

Contact the club at or

By Andrew VIVIAN

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