Volunteers undertake Scotts Head weed work

Volunteers at work on the headland.

SCOTTS Head Dune Care volunteers, Reflections staff and Landcare staff conducted a working morning on Saturday 18 May, accomplishing the equivalent of a full week’s work.

The crews managed, with considerable effort, to fill eight skip bins with weeds and were later rewarded with a sausage sizzle, coffee and cake.

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Wearing long pants, long sleeves, hat and sunscreen for safety, keen participants met near Scotts Head Surf Club at 8:30am.

According to the NSW Coastal Council, dunes are an “integral part” of our coastal environment.

“Not only do they provide a reserve supply of sand for use by waves during storms, they are the basis of important ecosystems, supporting valuable communities of plants and animals.

“As such they initially provided resources and shelter for Aboriginal people, generating cultural values that remain important today.

“More diverse activity resulted from European settlement, providing the basis for another set of social values.”

Focused on coastal protection works to help dune revegetation and rehabilitation, Scotts Head Dune Care was the first Dune Care group established in NSW, and strongly encourages new members to get involved.


The dedicated cleanup crew.

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