Dogs and Owners welcome at Mallabula Dog Training


Pooches and their providers learning the finer points of obedience at their Saturday training session.
Pooches and their providers learning the finer points of obedience at their Saturday training session.

HAVE you ever been by yourself for a long time?

Kate Washington
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Nobody to talk to, you don’t have a car and your mobile phone doesn’t work. Gets very very lonely, doesn’t it.

This happens to dogs as well.

Left in the backyard all day with their owners at work and bored, they can  howl, bark and over-react to the slightest noise.

Apart from obedience training, a local dog group offers up companionship and interaction for our four footed furry friends.

They’ve been going for some 14 years and their owners also get social contact with others who share a similar interest.

The dogs get together at 8am of a Saturday at their venue beside the Anglican church in Strathmore Rd. Mallabula.

Their owners are welcome as well.

If you want to join you are most welcome, but new pooches and their parental partners must only come initially on the first Saturday of each month.

Compatibility is the name of the game and newcomers will be assessed to see if they fit in with the other pampered pooches. Most do.

Spokesperson Fay Boyd said that the group also promoted responsible ownership and had invited a representative of PSSC to update members  on council regulations governing both rights and responsibilities of dog owners.

“We have lobbied council over the years to have reserves set aside for ‘on lead’ and ‘off lead’ exercise,” Fay said.

“We are very careful to maintain our good name and encourage all dog owners to abide by the rules.”

“Designated areas are clearly marked and we ask all dog owners to read the signposts and comply with the regulations.”

Fay can be contacted on 49845020 for any enquiries about the group.



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