Facebook Page for Bin Outings Providing Comical Relief

Hulk in Medowie assisting the Gordon family with their bin


A NEW Facebook page has been created to keep all of us who are in lockdown, quarantine or isolating a bit entertained.

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The page, titled Bin Isolation Outing, has reached over 140,000 members in just over a week, including many members participating from the Port Stephens area.

The idea is that as it appears our bins may be “going out” more than ourselves, why not dress-up and entertain the neighbours and Facebook to do so.

This has seen lots of super heroes, ballet dancers, clowns, dinosaurs and countless other characters take the bins to the kerb.

One such local, Emma Gordon, told News Of The Area “With the amount my child eats now that we’re home, we needed Hulk to carry it out.”

The page has attracted interest from many countries around the world and it seems there is a bit of jealousy over Australia’s style and size of bins.

One member from the USA posted, “It’s my birthday, and I must admit that I was feeling blue, but this site definitely helps the spirits. Is it wrong that I’m jealous of your rolling bins, because all I have is a regular old trash can?”

Everyone is feeling the pain of isolation at the moment, but how we deal with it is also different from person to person.

Sometimes a bit of online comedy can certainly ease the pain and pass the time.



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