Spring bees are buzzing in Bulahdelah

Backyard Bees: Gary Haynes has been producing honey for 30 years.
Backyard Bees: Gary Haynes has been producing honey for 30 years.


WITH the weather warming up and spring flowers blooming, the familiar buzz of backyard bees is back.

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“The warmer weather is certainly good for bees because it is nature at its best,” local beekeeper Gary Haynes said.

“All the spring flowers are coming out and the bushes are starting to come alive, and in a couple of weeks the honey will start and come in.”

Gary said it is common to hear swarms rustling at this time of the year, as the bees are attracted to “any flower that produces a nectar or a strong scent”.

“They have a very strong liking for the residue that English Elms produce, clover flowers and all the other garden flowers,” he said.

“It is also about pollinating the flowering plants and trees, even fruits and vegetables, which keeps the life cycle going.”

Gary has been producing honey in Bulahdelah for the past 30 years, which is well-known for its quality.

“In the west where there are a lot of weeds like thistles, they produce quite aromatic-type flavours,” Gary told News Of The Area.

“We are a little bit different, coastal honey has a medium amber colour and is very sweet, the local flora gives it a unique taste.”

With backyard beekeeping increasing in popularity, Gary said an amateur can produce anywhere from 30 to 80kgs of honey each year.

“The main thing is you have to look after the bees,” he said.

“There are quite a few diseases that can impact on the queen and the hive can start to decline.”

Gary is a member of the Bulahdelah Beehive Club which aims to educate and support its members in all aspects of beekeeping.




Gary Haynes said spring swarms are common.
Gary Haynes said spring swarms are common.


Backyard Bees: Beekeeper Gary Haynes.
Backyard Bees: Beekeeper Gary Haynes.

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