Students get creative at Nambucca Heads

Aeshra David.

THE recent Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) Pop-Up day held at Nambucca Heads High School was an amazing success.

Put together by the whole CAPA department, the day was funded by a grant from the Department of Education to reinvigorate the arts after Covid-19 interruptions.

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Year 11 Visual Arts students selected an artist then created a ceramic piece depicting their particular artist’s techniques.

Then for the pop-up day they appropriated a piece of the artist’s work.

Aydan Chandler – Salvador Dali, Thomas Grange – Rene Magritte, Marli Yanagisawa – Japanese Ukiyo Printmakers, Koby Loughton – Ben Quilty, Stevie Burley – Ingres, Elly Johnson – Durer, Libby McManus – Frida Kahlo, Aeshra David – Claude Monet and Luka Barnes – Leonora Carrington.

Year 9 students studied Ancient Greek Ceramic forms and created their own pieces using both construction and decorative techniques.

They appropriated the Ancient Greek temple, The Erechtheion, using their ceramic pots as props.

They also recreated the ‘Oath of the Horatii’, which is a large painting by French artist Jacques-Louis David painted in 1784 and now on display in the Louvre in Paris.

To finish their display, Year 9 delved into some pop art and revived old vinyl records to create a sculpture that will become a permanent fixture in the art garden.

“There was also face painting and some famous artworks depicted on large boards with cut outs so you were able to put yourself in a painting,” said Annette Welsh, Administration Support Staff, Nambucca Heads High School.

“There was also a display of Indigenous art, self portraits and still life paintings.

“The band were again in fine form and the karaoke was a lot of fun.

“Congratulations to the brave people who took part.

“All in all this was a great day and it was wonderful to once again be able to welcome family, friends and community members to our school to appreciate the very talented students at NHHS.

“A big thank you to the Year 12 students, who even though they have finished at NHHS, came in to lend a hand,” Annette said.

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